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You need to know how to let the headhunter find you

You need to know how to let the headhunter find you

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 Increase visibility and attend industry meetings. Each industry has its own internal communication meetings, there are also some meetings attended by the bulls, many headhunters will also go to ...
1. increase visibility and attend industry meetings. Each industry has its own internal communication meetings, there are also some meetings attended by the bulls, many headhunters will also go to the target, if you can speak at a high standard meeting or speech, it will be a good addition.
2. go to the famous company for gilding. From the original BAT to the current JMD, working experience with these companies is undoubtedly a bonus, and many headhunters search for targets through key companies on their resumes.
3. submitting patents. V Jun, as mentioned before, has a large number of patents. In fact, patent applications are not troublesome, there is no imagined difficulty, the general company has a legal council to assist the application, but the application belongs to the company, but this does not prevent you from being noticed by headhunters.
4. look for headhunters. This method is simple and crude. Now there are a lot of online headhunters on the Internet. You can pay attention to them and keep in touch with them. If a good job suits you, they will push it to you. This method is not suitable for the job you are looking for right now. The headhunters you are concerned about may not have the right job for you.
5. resume your resume and update your resume. Many headhunters search their resumes on the Internet directly, and Tafi Mouse has not updated itself for more than three years, but there are still headhunters calling. If you update your resume frequently, search ranking may be in the front, which will help you find it.
6. maintain your circle of friends. After adding a headhunter friend, keep in touch and maintain a good relationship, so that you will think of you for the first time when you have a suitable position.
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