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If you want to be a single, the headhunter should recognize the lies

If you want to be a single, the headhunter should recognize the lies

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What are the secrets of an efficient headhunter? It must be a frequent contact with a candidate. In a word, be sure to do well, from life to work, to care for candidates, to call as many as possible, 
What are the secrets of an efficient headhunter? It must be a frequent contact with a candidate. In a word, be sure to do well, from life to work, to care for candidates, to call as many as possible, to meet more, even if there is no appropriate job interview. In a word, take out the strength of your chasing the goddess.
A lot of headhunters think it's a lot of time to see one side, and the time on the road is enough to call five candidates, so some people think that meeting with the phone is no difference, no value creation, and so on, but in fact, the warmth of meeting people is more convincing than cold calls or words. . So let's talk about what we should talk about when we meet and talk to candidates.
1. what are your usual working processes? What is your organizational structure?
It is not possible to share his work with the candidate, to share his work with the candidate, to work on his subordinates, to report to him on a daily basis, and to accompany his boss. Apart from a better understanding of his work and abilities, this is an effective way to help the two sides establish a relationship. More importantly, understanding the organizational structure of a company from the workflow is invaluable to headhunter consultants. If you have a good relationship, you can go further to the name and contact information in the organization structure, which are potential contacts and candidates.
2. what is the future of your department? Are there any job requirements?
From the candidates'current day-to-day work to the department's future planning, it becomes clearer about the organization's development path and possible talent needs. Finally, incidentally, is there a need? Although the candidates are very clear about the purpose of this issue, why not help each other? It's hard to raise your hand.
What is the development of the 3. company? Is there a change in personnel in the near future?
If the conversation has already started, from the departmental level to the corporate level, then the meeting has been successful. Workplace gossip is a constant topic of conversation about which department in the company has been promoted and who has left. Behind such conversations, job opportunities lurk one after another.
4. what are the chances that you have recently seen? Are there any new interview opportunities?
Care about the candidate's career opportunities makes him feel that even if you don't look for a job through a headhunter consultant, we're still good friends. Which company is to be interviewed? What about the interviewer? Do you consider the opportunity? Why? Countless pieces of information tell you which companies have similar job requirements, and TA is your next customer to BD.
5. which companies do you particularly want?
It would be nice to end a conversation with a question full of humanistic concern. Really calm down to listen to each other's needs and care about what he wants. It's not about how to make the candidate's needs form the data for the next recommendation, just a simple concern and one listening, and you and the candidate will really become friends.
Headhunter and candidates are of course to chat with candidates, but this is a win-win goal. Therefore, it is a rare opportunity for candidates to communicate with headhunter advisers every time, because the headhunter will listen carefully to your career bewilderment and planning, and they will provide you with reasonable advice.