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Notice on the Evaluation of Professional and Technical Titles in 2018

Notice on the Evaluation of Professional and Technical Titles in 2018

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Now on the development of the 2018 professional and technical title appraisal work in our city related matters notice as follows...
The human resources and social security bureaus, the bureaus (group companies), the people's organizations, and the human resources departments of the tertiary institutions, and the departments in charge of various fields:
In order to carry out the "Tianjin Municipal People's Government Office of the Tianjin municipal government office of the Communist Party of China to carry out the notice of the implementation of the reform of Tianjin city on deepening the reform of the professional title system" (No. 7 of the party office [2018]), give full play to the role of "baton" in the evaluation of professional titles, and further stimulate the innovation, creation and creation of professional and technical personnel. Industry vitality, we are now carrying out the following 2018 matters related to the evaluation of professional titles in our city:
1. Policy basis
In 2018, the evaluation of professional titles in our city was carried out strictly, and the relevant policies promulgated by the state and our city were strictly enforced.
Two. The scope of evaluation
The professional and technical staff of the state owned enterprises and institutions in the city, the professional and technical personnel working at the post of the non-public economic organizations and the social organizations, and the freelancers, Hong Kong, Macao and foreign personnel engaged in professional and technical work in this city can participate in the title evaluation.
Civil servants and those who have gone through retirement procedures are not allowed to take part in the title assessment.
Three. Work arrangement
(1) work out a work plan. The major departments of the professional departments have drawn up the general plan for the evaluation of the annual title of the professional field. The main contents include the professional level, the evaluation standard, the method of evaluation, the proportion of the structure, the material requirements, the time arrangement and so on. It will be reported to the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau before July 25th. The Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security of the city shall be published after the record.
(two) establish a review organization. The competent departments of various professional departments shall adjust or set up professional accreditation bodies according to their work needs and relevant requirements. Before July 25th, the new committee for the formation of the new committee was approved by the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security. Before September 30th, the list of the adjusted experts of the judges was reported to the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security for the record.
(three) to carry out the declaration work. In accordance with the evaluation work of the title of the title in 2018, the departments in charge of business and the service institutions of the professional titles are deployed in accordance with the situation in the local areas and the departments, and the specific implementation plans are formulated to guide and promote their respective units to carry out the work of declaring and recommending their titles. Submit the declared materials to relevant accreditation bodies before September 30th.
(four) organization evaluation work. According to the plans and requirements of the professional departments, the accreditation bodies of various professional titles shall make good preparations for the examination and evaluation of the declaration materials, and organize the evaluation according to the procedures. The review and publicity work should be completed before December 15th.
(five) follow up the follow-up work. After the completion of the assessment results, the professional accreditation bodies will collect and publicize the evaluation results of professional titles before December 31st. Before March 31, 2019, we completed the issuance of the city's title certificate.
Four. Related requirements
(1) we should conscientiously understand the policy requirements. Careful study and understanding of the latest policies of the state and the city's relevant title evaluation work, in accordance with the requirements and requirements, take their own responsibility, and do a good job in determining the proportion of the structure, improving the evaluation standards, promoting independent evaluation, and promoting the evaluation of non-public personnel.
(two) efforts should be made to highlight performance orientation. In the declaration and appraisal, we should pay attention to the ability contribution, highlight the performance oriented, and focus on the technical level, innovation ability and performance contribution of the professional and technical personnel. The omission of the title foreign language and the computer application ability examination declare the restrictive conditions of the title.
(three) the procedure of evaluation should be strictly standardized. Organize the report and review strictly according to the evaluation scheme. We should conscientiously implement the system of "four publicity" and "double publicity" for professional titles. Title declaration continues to be carried out through the "Tianjin professional and technical staff Title Management Information System". Social science research, primary and secondary school teachers, adult college teachers, secondary school teachers, technical school teachers, health technology, accountants, lawyers, notaries and engineering technology grass-roots civil engineering specialties, and the series (Professional) title of the unit that has been carried out "to hire generation review" are still declared in the original channel.
(four) we should conscientiously abide by the regulations of the system. We should conscientiously carry out the education of honest and clean government and prevent the risk of honest and clean government. We must strictly fulfill their respective duties and tasks in accordance with relevant regulations and time nodes. The accreditation bodies of each professional title shall collect and use the appraisal fees in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Municipal Development Reform (price) and the financial department.
(five) the whole process of supervision should be continuously strengthened. In accordance with the division of duties, the units should effectively strengthen the supervision and management of the job title evaluation work, find out and properly solve the problems encountered in the work, and take the serious disposal of the problems in accordance with the authority of the management.