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Look for a job! How can talents make use of their headhunters

Look for a job! How can talents make use of their headhunters

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How can a person make use of a headhunter to accomplish himself? This article explains in detail the advantages of headhunting and the way a person uses it from eight aspects.
First, face the value of the headhunter
Talent work to a certain height, please do not invite yourself to the enterprise recruitment email, resume, OK? To be honest, looking for a job is like a girl falling in love with herself. The eighteen line stars in the entertainment circle also have their own brokers. Why? Because they need a broker to help them talk about cooperation and compensation, where have you seen celebrities speak directly to the brand?
The same is the same in the workplace. After the beginning of the period, don't do anything new. Entrust your resume to the headhunter, let them act as their own broker, help themselves to do a good job of positioning, pricing, setting direction, helping themselves to do a good job of propaganda, and obtain good job resources.
Don't look down on the fledgling headhunters. A lot of people like diss rookie headhunters, with a cool brush when they call their headhunters. (it's really not necessary. If you like to brush your head in front of the headhunter, you don't have a sense of existence in your workplace).
And even if he's a rookie, even if he's not a senior, it doesn't mean he's not professional. He also has more resources than you, and you need to rely on his recommendation to get an interview without your own resume (in many cases you put your resume in the sea); on the other hand, you are on the other hand. In experience, when he was diss, he despised you in personality. If you can treat the new person well, he will be grateful to you, try to help you get the interview, help you sign in offer, and then become your valuable person.
Two. Honesty
In the current workplace, the vast majority of people will optimize their resume when they apply for a job, the shorter working hours merge, the bad career experience deletions and deletions, the level and salary raise, and then have a bright resume.
Here's a piece of advice to all staff: you have a beautiful resume that doesn't mean having a beautiful past, not having a beautiful ability. The interviewer is reading a lot of high hands. They can identify your resume through various interview methods and don't make the fog clear in the interview process. Go straight to the truth. The vast majority of resume fraudsters are usually guilty when they go to an interview. If the interviewer finds out that you are guilty, he or she first doubts the water content of the resume.
In addition, even if you have an acting skill, you can pass the interview smoothly, but you must know that there is something in the world called a background survey, and it is a 360 degree background survey! People who do background surveys do not only call the contacts you offer, but they can also get in touch with the people in your original work circle through various ways to understand your real past.
Headhunters are accountable to recruiters, and if you're caught lying, their expertise will be questioned, even if you lose a client. And those who tell lies will also enter their blacklist. Do not give to others what you do not want. You hope that headhunters and recruiters do not exaggerate the advantages of enterprises, and do not hide the shortcomings of enterprises.
Three. Sincerity
The daily job of headhunters is to find resumes and call people. When you get a call like this, you're already in the head of the hunt. Don't think of it as an ordinary electric pin. Don't wait for the need, only to discover that you are far away from the resources.
The right thing to do is to talk to each other and ask the other companies what they are good at and what jobs they have on their hands. The headhunter's phone calls don't go aimlessly. They only call you after a general understanding of your experience, so the phone should really be cherished. Even if you don't have a job hopping plan for the time being, talk to the headhunter in detail. The headhunter will tell him the latest developments in the industry and give you a career plan so that you have a career change.
I have a friend who has been working in an enterprise for three years. It is the time of spring horse racing. It is at this time that the headhunter calls the most. At first, he was very impatient. After thinking about it, he made a quiet appointment for the coffee hunt. In the coffee, the headhunter tells him something he doesn't know: the company will be acquired, and the acquisition will directly affect his department. So he immediately commissioned a headhunter to help himself find new opportunities. A month later, he succeeded in job hopping, with an annual salary increase of 20%. After three months in office, he turned around successfully. Meanwhile, his old employer was acquired, his old Department was abolished and his former colleagues were forced to look for a new job.
Four, have your own feasible goals
Many people expect to be married to Bai Fu Mei on the way to CEO. In fact, this is very impractical, if your own ability is not good, how job hopping will not develop well. Because changing the pool doesn't solve your problem of swimming. When you lack your ability, you must be calm. In the original enterprise training, your wings are hard to fly again.
Some people will ask, can't I reform a business? I have no patience with the current company / leadership / salary / culture / system. I would like to say that the development of life is not all smooth sailing. When you encounter such a situation, you should change from another.
If you have completed your mission in this enterprise, it's time to say goodbye. At this time, you must correctly assess your abilities with headhunters. Headhunter's job is to recommend the right person to the right position, so that both the recruiter and talent are satisfied, the goal is to personnel appropriate, accurate matching. So, you must make a detailed understanding of the job's instructions to the head of the hunter, compare the knowledge, skills, qualities, abilities, and expertise of the post, list your own advantages and disadvantages, and give yourself a clear orientation.
Five, learn to manage the head of the hunt
Headhunters are indispensable friends in the modern workplace. When you have headhunters around you, how can you manage this network?
Whether you need to find a job or not, you need to interact with the headhunters (at least when they come to you, don't refuse or ignore it), establish a long-term relationship, tell them your trends and career development plans, and when you have made friends with the headhunters, the good job resources on his hands are excellent. I'll give it to you first.
Six. How to cooperate with the headhunter to get the position
If a headhunter recommends a position to you, you must know the truth about the company and not rely on your own subjective judgment and stereotype. Some people like to inquire about the company by their friends (if your friend is dismissal by this company, or a competitor, he can't praise it), but it's not necessarily comprehensive. If you don't trust the headhunters, you should get information through a number of channels and third parties. If you find a problem, honestly tell the headhunter your worries, please help you check with your head.
We once had a professional manager who shook his head after listening to our head of hunting company. He said that in his circle of friends, he left the company and was very low on the company. With the repeated invitation of our headhunter, we applied for the company. After the company interview and visit, the company found that the company was much better than the rumors, and then signed offer quickly, the salary increased 20%, after the entry of water, and has been working in the company for more than three years.
Also, it's a special reminder that when you entrust a headhunter to help you get a company's position, don't put a resume on yourself or entrust a resume to another headhunter to get the position of the company. Because headhunting jobs are pre positioned, they can only get commission after you go to work. If you put a resume on yourself, the recruiter will no longer contact you with the headhunter, the headhunter can't get the service fee, and you can't get the help of the headhunter yourself. If you entrust a resume to two headhunters to get the same company, it will only cause the headhunter's trouble and give them a repugnance to you, after all, a good woman does not marry a two husband.
When you get an interview, ask the headhunter more about the interviewer's information, such as sex, age, temper character, career resume, personal preference, dress style, and so on. Our company's headhunter will be coaching before the interview, informing the talent of the company, the interviewer, and even sending the candidate's photos to the candidate in advance. Of course, interview counseling can not solve the problem of inadequate ability, if you lack the ability, even good interview counseling can not help you get the opportunity.
If you get offer, you must decide whether to accept it or not. If you don't think about it, tell the headhunter as soon as possible so that they can find the replacement personnel quickly. If you promise to go, don't change your mind. Because headhunters, as a bridge between customers and candidates, should be responsible for both sides, and most afraid of candidates. If the word is unfaithful, it is not only a waste of all the hard work of the headhunters, but also the blacklist of recruiters and headhunters, the blacklist of headhunters, not to say.
Seven. How to cooperate with the headhunter to pay the salary
Salary is everyone's concern and the easiest problem. First of all, you should not falsely report your current annual salary. If the headhunter finds you false, you will think you are too high (a cargo), or your salary is beyond the level of the industry, and you are not interested in helping you recommend the job.
In fact, you have a reasonable salary expectation. Generally, the pay increase range of job hopping is 10%-30%. If you are the kind of person with super ability, excellent interview ability and excellent negotiation ability, you may have more than 30% increase in a generous recruiter, but this situation can not be sought, and it is absolutely not a headhunter.
So, for salary expectations, you have to tell your expectations, while they understand the salary level of the industry, listen to their professional opinions, and adjust their expectations when necessary. We have met the kind of talented person who wants to double the job hopping to double the salary, and through the assessment we found his expectations were too high and he refused to reduce his demands, so after a few communication, our headhunters had to give up.
Eight. How to help yourself through the running in period after the entry?
When you sign the offer and take the new, don't abandon the headhunter. Many headhunters can only get all the Commission after you have passed the probation period, and the professional headhunter will complete the follow-up "after-sale work". Headhunting consultants in our company will pay close attention when they are recruited.
So, you must communicate your problem directly with the headhunter in the period of entering the post, and the headhunter will try to help coordinate communication, because they have to recruit a person to make up for your lack. In fact, at any time, you can continue to see them as your brokers and communicate with him about your work, such as work performance, interpersonal relationships, and where you feel itchy.
Keep in mind that it is very irresponsible to walk away in the running-in period, and it is not good for the talents, enterprises and headhunters. I believe that every professional manager, in the interview, before signing the offer, all of the company, post, prospects, superior to do a full understanding, only in all aspects of the agreement is very high when it is very high to get new. However, the problems arising after the implementation of the new system are absolutely insufficient to overturn all the previous settings. If you quit, it will affect the company, they give up other candidates in order to choose you; they will also affect the headhunters. They have all the energy they have invested in you; they are more likely to affect yourself, have to face a new job, and are likely to have missed the best time to choose and give yourself. The career left a bad one.
If you enter the job, you can only resign, because if you find the wrong choice after you enter the job, you can only prove that your judgment and decision-making ability have problems and do not understand the situation adequately. If you come into the job and quit because of difficulties, you can only say that your ability to solve the problem and toughness are asked. The problem is to be a deserter.
Finally, I wish all the talents and headhunters can become partners.
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