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Foreign talent

Foreign talent

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Employment service

For foreign employees to apply for work permit, change, transfer / transfer, extension, cancellation;
Application, change, transfer / transfer, extension, cancellation of residence permit for foreign employees.
Foreign business invitation
F visa invitation letter (single)
F visa invitation letter (2 times 90 days)
F visa invitation letter (half a year)
Z visa invitation letter (one valid)
Expatriate employment certificate
(1) Employment License
(2) the handling, relocation, extension and cancellation of the employment certificate

* Visa certificate
1. New residence, alteration and extension of residence permit for foreign nationals
(2) multiple entry signature and residence signature.
(3) visa (F) or travel (L) visa extension
Chinese people's short-term and Korean business visas
A physical examination class for foreign personnel
(1) foreign personnel are accompanied by physical examination
(2) physical examination certification for employment