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IJob title: On-site HR specialist (remuneration & welfare and labor relation management)

 1. Place of work: Tianjin Development Area (offering shuttle bus + lunch)

2. Nature of job: Full time

3. Quantity required: 1 person

4. Duties and responsibilities:

1) Preparing social security card for foreign employees.

2) Transfer-in/transfer-out of insurance relation from/to other places.

3) Handling employment and dimission procedures.

4) Registration and compensation claiming of maternity insurance and medical insurance, and handling of declaration procedures relating to work-related injury insurance.

5) Declaration of individual income tax of Chinese and foreign employees, and handling of related procedures.

6) Calculation and declaration of social insurance and housing fund data.

7) Explanation of the policies on social insurance and housing fund of Chinese and foreign employees.

8) Declaration of the employment security fund for the disables.

9) Supplier management.

10) Application for special working hour system.

11) Sending relevant policies and messages on a timely basis via email.

5. Job requirements:

1) University graduation or above education (English or related majors preferred).

2) Skillful use of office automation software.

3) Being familiar with relevant government policies.

4) Fluent oral English and written English (being able to communicate smoothly with foreign employees using oral and written English).

5) Having work experience or internship experience relating to remuneration & welfare and labor relation management.

6) Good communication ability, honesty, carefulness, patience, and ability to work under pressure.

7) Passion for work, responsibility, strong execution ability, and team spirit.

8) Good image and bearing.

6. Welfare and treatment:

1) Six insurances and housing fund (including commercial medical supplementary insurance for the employee himself/herself and his/her children)

2) Rest on national legal holidays.

3) Annual physical examination and overseas tour.

4) Welfare for legal holidays.

5) Birthday welfare and allowance.

6) Thirteen-month salary.

7. Resume sending

Resume to be sent to: