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Household registration policy

Household registration policy

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I. Acceptance conditions


1. Having legitimate and valid permanent residence registration within the territory of China.


2. Holding a valid Residence Permit of Tianjin.


3. Being employed by an organ, group, institution, enterprise, private non-enterprise organization, individually owned economic organization or other employers in Tianjin (or running an enterprise in Tianjin), having paid social insurance premium in Tianjin for 1 year or longer, and having not reached the statutory retirement age.


4. Having and legitimate and stable place under which the permanent residence can be registered in Tianjin (including privately owned house of the application himself/herself, his/her spouse, his/her parent, or his/her children, house owned by the army, or publically owned house, apartment or other houses meet the relevant conditions for the permanent residence registration as determined by the public security organs; place of collective registered residence of employer and HR agencies under municipal or direct/county-level government).


5. The points accumulated for permanent residence registration reaches the guidance points specified for the application (subject to adjustment along with the point accumulation standard system).


II. Time of declaration and application


The declaration and application period in the first half of the year is from the 1st day of January to the 30th day of April; The declaration and application period in the second half of the year is from the 1st day of May to the 31st day of October (subject to further regulations of the year).


III. Materials need for the declaration and application


When handling the procedures of registration of permanent residence, the applicant should provide the application form for the registration, the resident identity card, the household register, the residence permit of Tianjin, relevant certificates issued by the place of acceptance, and diploma, technical skill certificate, professional title certificate, legal domicile certificate, tax and social premium payment certificate, family planning certificate, certificate of award or honorary title of provincial or ministerial level, certificate of marriage, housing fund payment certificate, credit record and other materials relating to the point accumulation. If any materials submitted by the holder of the residence permit cannot be checked in relevant systems, effective certification materials should be provided.


If you meet above conditions, Gentry will interpret relevant policies for you and answer your questions, and provide tailored service solutions for you to ensure successful registration.


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