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Compensation benefit

Compensation benefit

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 Remuneration management

 I. Remuneration and tax related services (applicable to Gentry collective accounts and separately registered accounts of customers)

 Calculation and issuance of salaries for foreign and Chinese employees, application for tax management codes of foreign employees, payment of individual income tax and related consulting services, payroll service, and so on.

 1. Remuneration calculation.

 2. Remuneration issuance on behalf of the customer.

 3. Individual income tax declaration on behalf of the customer.

 4. Declaration of annual salary exceeding RMB 120,000.

 II. Special services

 1. Issuance of salary slip.

 2. Payroll service.

 3. Retroactive payment of taxes.

 4. Issuance of certificate of individual income tax payment.

III. Financial service outsourcing

 1. Outsourcing of modular financial services on tax and money receiving and pay-out.

 2. Remote attendance management.

 3. Bookkeeping service.

 4. Finance and tax related consulting services.

 IV. Other services for customers

 Providing customized consulting services and working out customized service solutions based on particular needs of customers.

 Health welfare

 I. Physical examination of employees

 1. Physical examination of new employees: Physical examination of new employees after employment, standard annual physical examination, and customized physical examination service.

 2. Annual physical examination: Standard annual physical examination and customized physical examination service; providing diversified physical examination options to fully meet the individualized needs of enterprises and their employees, and reporting physical examination results accurately and timely.

 II. Commercial medical security

 Helping customers to build a one-stop health management system, and providing complete and human-oriented health security for employees and their family members. The services mainly include health security, family care, accident security, comprehensive security, and so on.

 1. Health security: Supplementary medical security for common outpatient and emergency treatment, high-end medical security, major disease security, hospitalization allowance security, and maternity security.

 2. Family care: Supplementary medical security for children of employees, and supplementary medical security for spouses of employees.

 3. Accident security: Personal accident security, and medical security against accident.

 4. Comprehensive security: Employer liability security, and family property security.