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Post specific HR service outsourcing

Post specific HR service outsourcing

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I. Concept of post specific HR service outsourcing


Post specific HR service outsourcing refers to the arrangement in which an organization engages a HR service provider to complete all HR affairs relating to a post, and the organization only needs to use the labor and can focus on business management. By virtue of post specific HR service outsourcing, an organization can have all HR affairs relating to a post completed by a HR service provider, such as recruitment, professional training, remuneration design/calculation/issuance, individual income tax declaration, social insurance premium payment and compensation application, performance standard design, design of rewarding and punishment system, and so on. In addition, the organization may choose to request the HR service provider to provide other services such as labor relationship management, labor dispute settlement, and bearing of potential economic compensation arising from labor use. In this arrangement, the organization enjoys comprehensive and in-depth HR services.


II. Our advantages


We have rich experience in serving world Top 500 companies, and are familiar with local policies and work flows; we can provide comprehensive one-stop employee management services based on the professional requirements of posts, and meet the demands for flexile and short-term labor; we can bear the risks in comprehensive post and personnel management, and help the customers to reduce enterprise management cost.